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Media Inquiries

Our communications department helps the press/media with questions about the Norwegian Mapping Authority (Kartverket). Don’t hesitate to get in touch!

The communications department welcomes all types inquiries from the press and other establishments. We will help you as best we can.

If you are unable to get in touch with any of our communications advisors, you can also send an e-mail to the communications department,, or call the switchboard on (+47) 32 11 80 00.


Synne Storvik, acting director of communications
Tel.: (+47) 32 11 83 24 / (+47) 480 31 475

Sissel Kanstad, communications advisor
Tel.: (+47) 51 85 88 28 / (+47) 995 13 848

Louise G. Larsen, communications advisor
Tel.: (+47) 51 85 88 26 / (+47) 951 59 389

Mona Strøm Arnøy, director of public relations and regional offices
Tel.: (+47) 32 11 84 48 / (+47) 91 75 38 43

Photos and videos

We have a collection of images that are free for media to use, provided they are credited. These can be found in the Norwegian Mapping Authority’s photo archive.

View and download photos of the Norwegian Mapping Authority’s management team.

The Norwegian Mapping Authority’s video channel can be found on Vimeo.

Maps and aerial photos

Yes, you can freely use screenshots of the Norwegian Mapping Authority's maps and aerial photos against credit. For example from and View terms of use here.

Background and annual reports

If you are looking for general background information about the Norwegian Mapping Authority, you will find useful information in this article about Kartverket. You can find our annual reports and strategies here (in Norwegian).


News items and press releases have been collected here (in Norwegian).

We publish a newsletter every month. You can subscribe to the newsletter via our registration page (in Norwegian only).


View and download the Norwegian Mapping Authority's logos in various formats.