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You can easily print out your own free map for your next hiking trip or download our app «Hvor?» so you'll know where you are - even without mobile coverage. 

Guide to CPOS

CPOS is a positioning service that allows you to accurately calculate your position down to the nearest centimetre. The service enables you to map, record and retrieve everything - to the nearest centimetre.

Satellite and positioning data

The Norwegian Mapping Authority provides real-time satellite data that can be used to create positioning services. We also have background maps and analysis-ready data sets covering Norway based on data from the Sentinel-2 satellite.

Kartverket's Geodetic Earth Observatory

The Norwegian Mapping Authority's Geodetic Earth Observatory on Svalbard is the northernmost facility of its kind, and forms part of a global network for observation and research.

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Work at Kartverket

Do you want to become a part of our team at Kartverket? Read more about who we are and what we do!

International involvement

The Norwegian Mapping Authority (Kartverket) is involved in many international activities and international development cooperation related to land and hydrographic mapping, geodesy, property registration and capacity building.