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To search for cadastral numbers, use this query: Municipality-land number(gårdsnummer)/title number(bruksnummer).
Example: Oslo-1/100


Real estate

You can register transfer of ownership in connection with purchases and sales, gifts, advances on inheritance, transfers between spouses and co-habitants, and in the event of divorce or break-up, by filling out a deed (skjøte).

Distribution of the estate of a deceased person

When a registered owner of a property has passed away, the property should be transferred to the heirs. A “Declaration of ownership by inheritance” must be completed and submitted along with the certificate of probate to the Norwegian Mapping Authorities for registration.

Housing cooperatives

In order to register the transfer of ownership of a unit in a housing cooperative the form “Transfer of title of a unit in a housing cooperative” (“Overføring av hjemmel til andel i borettslag”) must be completed and signed. Housing cooperative units are exempt from stamp duty.

Useful information


When filling out a new title deed or a mortgage document the signature from the registered owner of the property must be certified by witnesses.

Power of attorney

A power of attorney may be granted to another person to act on your behalf. The power of attorney must be clear about what actions it applies to and, in many instances, also needs to be signed in the presence of two witnesses.

Signature by the title holder of the property

When a document is to be registered, the registered owner of the property must sign the document by hand. If a declaration of non-disposal is registered, the rightholder must grant their written consent.