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Terms of use

All users of the free data sets, digital services and historical maps provided by the Norwegian Mapping Authority are obliged to read the following terms of use.

This article describes the Norwegian Mapping Authority’s free products, i.e. data, services and maps that have been released for free use for both commercial and non-commercial purposes.

License for our free products

The Norwegian Mapping Authority’s free products are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0).

This means the name of the Norwegian Mapping Authority will appear in all contexts, where the products or extracts of these are used, be it applications, web solutions, printed products, illustrations or others in the following way: ©Kartverket. It should also be linked to our websites where this is possible.

Some of the products are protected by copyrights, some have database protection, and some have expired. As stated in CC BY, these only include protected products, and the requirement of source reference is therefore only applicable if the product is protected, or if the name must be mentioned for other reasons (generally accepted business practice).

For products with database protection, e.g. Sentralt stedsnavnregister (SSR - the Central Register of Place Name), use of the entire product, or essential parts of it must be marked with the correct source reference. This does not apply to the use of single parts of information. In the case of systematic use of single parts of information, the source must be stated by e.g.: “all place names are obtained from SSR ©Kartverket”, and a link to


The Norwegian Mapping Authority’s free products are distributed as is. The Norwegian Mapping Authority is not liable for claims arising out of the use of the maps.

Users must be aware that maps are not always consistent with the terrain, and any use must occur with due caution and consideration to equipment and physical conditions.

Moreover, unless otherwise stated, the rules pursuant to the Norwegian Spatial Data Act (geodataloven) with accompanying guidelines apply.

Screenshots of maps and aerial photos

Aerial photos on and, as well as the most detailed maps on, are licensed products. You can nevertheless freely use screenshots of maps and aerial photos in exchange for crediting © or ©

APIs and services

Some of the Norwegian Mapping Authority’s APIs/services are subject to technical limitations. These will be stated for each service.

WMS and cache services display at a certain zoom level (level 12-20 data obtained from the Geovekst cooperation for which the Norwegian Mapping Authority does not have rights or all rights on its own. This data can be used by people in various positions on the same premises as for other data. However, special permission must be obtained from the licensees if they are to be copied or used in other ways. For assistance, please send an email to the Norwegian Mapping Authority (

APIs/hosts with external sources

Some of the Norwegian Mapping Authority’s APIs/services contain data from external sources and therefore have additional licenses. The Norwegian Mapping Authority is not liable for the accuracy and quality of external data sources. The user is responsible for following the licenses associated with external data (links to external licenses in parentheses):

Historical maps

Historical maps older than 100 years are considered public domain. We still request that the users make the appropriate credit out of respect for the makers of these creations. Maps younger than 100 years are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0).

For all historical maps the following details should be included in reproductions:

  • Place of original map (Kartverket/Norwegian Mapping Authority)
  • Map name/number
  • Name of cartographer
  • Year

Example of crediting: Kartverket (Norwegian Mapping Authority): Rectangle measurement: 1:50 000, 19A-1, Ltn. C. Lund, 1847.