This means that the Albanian Mapping Authority (ASIG) will be responsible for integrating marine and maritime data into their already existing geoportal, so that it can be used seamlessly together wiht the other land and sea-related data available there.

This project involves cooperation between the Albanian Hydrographic Service (AHS) and Albanian Mapping Authority (ASIG), as well as from the main producers and owners of marine and maritime data in Albania; and the Norwegian Mapping Authority will be assisting with project management and technical guidance.

The first version of this system will be developed over the course of two years and with a total budget of 1 million NOK, however the intention is that this will serve as the foundation for a more permanent solution which may also encompass a broader scope and be used for high level decision making in Albania.

On November 16th , 2018 the Norwegian Ambassador to Albania and Kosovo, Mr. Per Sjaastad, announced further commitment from Norway to help Albania develop its maritime sector. Maritime University of Ålesund will help University in Vlore to set up new programs for future Albanian navigators and the Norwegian Mapping Authority will assist ASIG to set up a coastal zone management program. The Albanian Minister for Infrastructure and Energy, Mr. Damian Gjiknuri welcomed the Norwegian initiatives wholeheartedly.

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