Se havnivå

Se havnivå provides information about water level, tides, vertical datums, land uplift and future sea level projections for the Norwegian coast.


API for Water Level Data

An API for the tidal and water level data in Norway is available. Our widget is currently out of order.

More About Tides and Water Level

The water level at a certain place is the sum of the astronomical tide and the weather’s effect on the water level. Globally, semi-diurnal tides are most common, meaning two high and low tides each day.

More About Sea Level

Sea level is the average level of the ocean. Changes in sea level can be caused by many different processes that occur over different timescales. Along our coasts postglacial rebound is an important factor for determining local sea-level change.

Visualize Sea Level

See consequences of sea level changes in an interactive map.