Tracing placed upon a Nowegian chart. Photo.
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Tracings for Norwegian Charts

Tracings are supplements to the Efs notice, and are meant to aid the mariner when correcting charts. November 1 in 2022 was the end of this service.

The Norwegian Hydrographic Service offered tracings for charts in the Main- and Harbour chart series up until Efs no. 20 – 2022.

Tracings published before October 31, can be downloaded from the Efs Internet service You have to print the tracings yourself.

Tracing User Guide

The tracings are meant as a supplement to the notices to mariners only. They should be used in conjunction with the corresponding notice. Which notice the tracing corresponds to, is written on the lower right corner of the tracing. Which chart the tracing refers to, will also be indicated in the same area of the tracing.

When printing the tracing, make sure the printer is set up to print with no scaling.

The tracing should be placed correctly on the chart primarily by means of the tracing grid. The tracing grid corresponds to the chart grid. Latitude and longitude are noted on the tracing to make it easier to place it.

The charts are printed on paper which is a living material. The size of the chart will change with the weather, and the user might observe a difference in size of the chart and the tracing. When this error is observed the user should place the tracing by using the grid intersection closest to the object inserted, amended or deleted.

If the grid intersection is too far away from the object, the tracing should be placed by means of the reference features closest to the object being amended. If the tracing is placed in this way, the user must insure that the tracing and chart grids are parallel to each other. This is especially important when making amendments to light sectors in order to ensure that the sector angles are drawn correctly.

Plot the object

When the tracing has been placed correctly you can use the pointed end of dividers/compasses to perforate the tracing and mark in the chart where the new appropriate object should be placed.

Deleting an object

The deletion of an object will be shown in the tracing by use of a deletion symbol (x) and a corresponding text. When the tracing is placed on the chart, the object to be deleted will lie directly beneath the deletion symbol.