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Miscellaneous Notices to Mariners

8.3 Monitoring

Emergency channels

Norway does not currently monitor HF channels.

The Coast Radio Station monitors all the maritime emergency channels:

  • VHF DSC (Ch 70)
  • VHF tale (Ch 16)
  • MF DSC distress (2187,5 kHz) follow up on voice channel 2182 kHz

In addition the Coast Radio Station monitor the following channels 24-7:

  • MF DSC international (2189,5 kHz)
  • All VHF working channels

Ships are encouraged to contact the Norwegian Coast Radio Station using digital selective Call (DSC). Using MMSI 002570000 in the call, the system automatically selects the nearest Norwegian Coast Radio Station.

Termination of listening watch on MF Voice channel

From March 1 2018, Coastal Radio bends listening to all MF voice channels. From this date it will only be listened to DSC. All voice channels will still be in operation, but only after callback using DSC.

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