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Miscellaneous Notices to Mariners

8.1 Routines for Maritime Safety Information (MSI)

Vital and very important navigational warnings and storm warnings (force 9 and up), are notified by DSC on MF and VHF followed by advertising on VHF Ch 16 and 2,182 kHz immediately after receipt from the Meteorological Institute or The Norwegian Coastal Administration. Warnings are then readout on the announced working channels.

Important navigational warnings and strong wind warnings (less than force 9) are broadcast only on VHF Ch 16 and 2,182 kHz before being readout on the advertised working channels. Strong wind and storm warnings are repeated twice in subsequent bulletins.

Navigation alerts are repeated in the two subsequent bulletins, and then once a day (10:33 UTC) for 7 days. Besides this, the numbers of valid navigational warnings which are still inforce are broadcast in regular bulletins until cancellation.

Channel 260 (Rogaland) is not used for the regular airing of MSI messages as the area is covered by the transmitters in Farsund and Bergen.


In the Navtex system, vital and important messages are sent immediately upon receipt. Navigation warnings are repeated in the regular bulletins until cancellation. Strong wind and storm warnings are repeated once in the subsequent regular airtime.

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